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Painting oil on canvas – Steps to Murazzi


This oil on canvas painting is from the First Assurfivo period created by Roberto Piaia.

Artist: Roberto Piaia

Title: Steps to Murazzi

Technique: Oil on canvas

Material: cotton canvas

Signed: Yes, hand signed on the front and the back.

Year: 2001

Dimensions Height: 70 cm.

Dimensions Width: 50 cm.

Frame: Yes   

Certificate of Authenticity: Yes

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Cataloged work:

    • The Feminine Essence (Essenza al Femminile) | by Carmen De Guarda and Angelo Mistrangelo | Editor Giorgio Mondadori.
    • Works Catalog Roberto Piaia | by Paolo Levi | Editor Giorgio Mondadori

Executive Poetics of the painting:

First Assurfivo period: the geometrical abstraction represented here is to be considered in a pure, absolute manner, since the surrealistic element consists above all of the play on words in the titles of the works, which conjure up moods conveyed through chromatic streaks lacking perspective and clearly shaped and outlined.

Blue, yellow, red and green. Roberto Piaia’s chromatic constants prevail here rather insistently. Coloured streaks enhanced by decorative patterns without tone – the artist’s fully recognizable signature – soar like light blades over the stage of a highly rhythmic psychedelic show. Or rather like straight parallel roads leading to a vanishing point on a distant utopian horizon.

Paolo Levi | Art Critic


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