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Painting oil on canvas – Lying down in Assurfivo


This oil on canvas painting is from the Women Assurfivo series created by Roberto Piaia.

Artist: Roberto Piaia

Title: Lying down in Assurfivo

Technique: Oil on canvas

Material: cotton canvas

Signed: Yes, hand signed on the front and the back.

Year: 2011-12

Dimensions Height: 80 cm.

Dimensions Width: 60 cm.

Frame: Yes   

Certificate of Authenticity: Yes

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Cataloged work:

  • The Feminine Essence (Essenza al Femminile) | by Carmen De Guarda and Angelo Mistrangelo | Editor Giorgio Mondadori.
  • Works Catalog Roberto Piaia | by Paolo Levi | Editor Giorgio Mondadori

Executive Poetics of the painting:

Figures of women inundated and transfixed with light, an element that the Artist composes and dismembers with complete mastery.
Even where he dares most, nothing ever seems excessive, never does the eye dwell on eroticism as an end in itself.
These bodies are the direct expression of love and the vital need for the female element, both of which are fundamental factors for balanced development in the existence of a man.
Maria Francesca Botteri

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