Odara’s Metamorphosis


This pencil drawing is part of a new series: Eva the Spiral Woman, Art Comics book by Roberto Piaia.

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Odara's Metamorphosis
Odara’s Metamorphosis

Odara’s Metamorphosis: Drawing – His love for details. His accurate pictorial technique. And his partial application of colour all contribute to transforming these drawings into remarkably high-quality finished works. Therefore, they are not sketches, but finished works. Which stand apart and would be sufficient to regard the artist’s drawing and compositional skills as excellent. Then, true style exercises where nuances and shades play. A very effective chromatic role, showing extremely refined manual skills. Pencil drawings by Roberto PiaiaThis is my first comic book. Eva the Spiral Woman. Roberto Piaia not only a painter and sculptor but also a cartoonist. The artist gives way to the imagination by telling a story. Full of symbolic messages which offer an innovative vision of our millennium. And it’s from the beautiful and majestic galaxy of the Andromeda constellation. Consisting of hundreds of billions of stars. Formed from the center with gigantic spiral arms, which kicks off the science fiction Saga of Piaia.

Escape from Andromeda 1st book | Eva The Doubt. And it’s from the beautiful and majestic Galaxy of the Constellation Andromeda that kicks off the science fiction Saga. Made of hundreds of billions of stars that starting from the center form giant spiral arms.

Odara’s Metamorphosis: You can download the magazine, comic book Eva the Spiral Woman, it directly on iTunnes Store or Roberto Piaia Shop

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