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Bronze Statue: Mudra

The idea of this particular form of Roberto Piaia’s sculptures – worldwide premier has been copyright recognized and protected.

Artist: Roberto Piaia

Title: Mudra

Technique: Artwork created using the melted wax technique.

Material: Bronze

Signed: Engraved in bronze

Year: 2013

Height: 100 cm. – 39,37′ 

Width: 30 cm. – 11,81′

Depth: 35 cm. – 13,78′

Certificate of Authenticity: Engraved in bronze + paper certificate


Where you can buy:

Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery | Forte dei Marmi Italy – Dubai

Art Studio Roberto Piaia | Nebelhornstraße 2 87719 Mindelheim – Germany

Or, on this Site


Executive poetics:
The embracing spiral defines and outlines the soft feminine features; the golden coating on the outside and black on the inside, on top of enhancing the flexible forms of this bronze statue, brings us back to the “Assurfivo” style. Unmistakeable painting technique created by Roberto Piaia.
The title of Master can well be attributed not so much when an Artist does something new, but when he creates something new! Roberto Piaia should be recognized undoubtedly with this merit, because, both in painting and in sculpture, he has always sought and implemented a very personal artistic expression, creating the “Assurfivo”.

It is a painting style created by the Master in which the abstract meets with the surreal and the figurative. And which is now recalled in these statuary works: the face, the hands and the feet, are executed perfectly both in form and in detail. Representative of the figurative classic, which gives us an overview that reassures us, carrying our mind towards the known, the real, the tangible. From these milestones the surreal and the abstract take shape through a winding wave that marks the feminine features.

The gaps are interwoven with solidness, mystery with fantasy, and all of this gives us a new overview, dreaming, which leaves room for imagination and personal interpretation.

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