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Horse with Orchid- Garden Statues

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These dimensions are approximate:

  • Total work Height: 350 cm. – 137,7′
  • Resin Statue: D. 65 cm. 25,59′ – W. 65 cm. 25,59′ – H. 145 cm. 57,08′
  • Orchid Size: D. 100 cm. 30,37 – W. 370 cm. 145,6′ – H. 350 cm. 137,7′
  • Photovoltaic System Area: 8 m²
  • Power: 1300 watts
  • Turbine and Accumulators: dimensions and price requirements according to project.
  • We will send, connect and install the photovoltaic work.
  • Masonry or other works are agreed upon project.
  • Delivery time: 30 to 60 days. (based on the customization of the model).
Main characteristics of the cells:
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Horse with Orchid- Garden Statues

In their garden, on the terrace, in the Showroom Headquarters, or on city corners, Piaia’s harmonious Horse with Orchid- Garden Statues wear Green Energy with solar panels.

Advantages for those who choose green lifestyle, for support the environment, and in the meantime adorn the landscape:

  • Owing a Statuary Work benefiting from Tax Deductions to obtain Clean Energy.
  • The works created in Resin or Bronze, will be studied and customized by the artist and by the technicians together with the Customer, to satisfy all needs and Brands.
  • Through the particular form of full and empty spaces of the Spiral Statues, it is possible to hide the unsightly aspect of the Aeolian Islands.
  • Get the energy you need at any time, taking advantage of both the heat of the sun and the movement of the Wind.
  • Save… by placing a recharging column for the Electric Car on the side of your Horse with Orchid- Garden Statues.
  • If the size of the work with the base exceeds a certain height, the base leaves the space for the storage of Energy Accumulators and tools. Carmen De Guarda

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Nebelhornstraße 2

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87719 Mindelheim – Germania

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