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Bronze Statue: Over

The idea of this particular form of Roberto Piaia’s sculptures – worldwide premier has been copyright recognized and protected.

Artist: Roberto Piaia

Title: Over

Technique: Artwork created using the melted wax technique.

Material: Bronze and steel

Signed: Engraved in bronze and steel

Year: 2016 

Height: 35 cm.

Width: 106 cm.

Depth: 45 cm.

Certificate of Authenticity: Engraved in bronze + paper certificate


Where you can buy:

Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery | Forte dei Marmi Italy – Dubai

Art Studio Roberto Piaia | Nebelhornstraße 2 87719 Mindelheim – Germany

Or, on this Site


Executive poetics:
Over Bronze is created with an original metal alloy that amalgamates Bronze to one part of Steel. The overall view creates a futuristic effect.
The suggestive vision of this work takes us in a collective imaginary desire of flying: supported by three simple steel tubes, which draw a shadow on the ground, it appears to fly in space without limits. Matter disintegrates to then reappear molded by the artist into the desired shape, pursuing the world of dreams, and the ideas enclosing the potentials that everything is possible and achievable!Piaia can enthusiastically turn all of this into reality, demonstrating it through his “Assurfivo” style which maintains its roots in the past, while projecting it into the future, thus creating works that have never been released before!

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