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The Comic Art book created by Roberto Piaia and Carmen De Guarda, is innovative and full of novelties. The first art book to be considered a comic! In addition to impeccable drawings in which each image brings us back to the comics’ of the 1960s’, every page is enriched with Piaia’s images in “statues” and “paintings”. Manga Comic or Art Catalog?

The tables transport us to a world where fantasy is tangled with reality.

The Text, which is the result of Carmen De Guarda’s imagination, contributes with a strong Female feeling, to Piaia’s artistic expression.

  • Unique! Because in the vast comic book market, statues and paintings aren’t normally included in the layout.
  • Vibrant! Because the story is packed with strength and intense feelings.
  • Controversial! Because both the images and the written words are ambiguous, mysterious, enigmatic…

Art is merged with Narration | Comics summary:

comic art
The science fiction saga begins with the splendid and majestic galaxy of the Andromeda constellation. Made up of hundreds of billions of stars that starting from the center form giant spiral shaped arms. Populated only by Women. Queen Eva and some warrioresses manage to escape, following a ferocious attack which destroyed a part of it.

The wicked Aisha and her followers are the perpetrators, coming from a black hole hidden at the margins of the Milky Way.
Both ancestries have paranormal powers!

They find themselves after light years on Planet Earth, and that’s when the fighting starts!

The two Comic Art formats and where to find them:

Ego | oil on canvas
The first volume of the series “Eva the Spiral Woman” is available in two versions: Printed Book and I-Book. 

  • Printed book: bound by an elegant cardboard hardcover.
    Translated into three languages: English, Italian and German.
    27.5 cm. L.19.5 cm. Number of Page: 56
    To embellish your collection of Comic Art, we make sure that every single copy arrives to you in cellophane package.
    Cost: € 18.00 We’ll give you a discount on the shipping.

Where to purchase the book 

  • Amazon.ca 
  • I-Book: Translated into four languages: English, Italian, German and Russian. Cost € 4.99

 You can download it:

Manga, Comic or Art Catalog? Roberto Piaia explains:

«As for many other artists, I also loved drawing comics in my childhood. I must confess that this period has always remained in my heart! From this passion the idea was born to detach myself from the representation of the classic Art “Catalog”. Most of the time they are, although well done, quite boring and circumvented to a small audience.

In many of my exhibits I noticed a lot of young people interested in my art, and I thought to myself: ‘Why not offer it differently, with more fun!’

I didn’t even want to produce a Manga, although I was really tempted to do so. Because I tend to differentiate myself beyond those things that have already been done».

Why Spiral Women?

Eva in mansarda
Eva in the attic – pencil and ink on paper
The spiral is one of the most common geometric shapes in Nature.

We find it in the human energy field, in DNA molecules, in the electrons, in the atom, in shells. They’re in the form of many Galaxies, like Andromeda.

Therefore I paint and sculpt spiral women: to celebrate their essence, symbolically the highest expression of Life.

I studied and created this characteristic shape in sculpture, covered in fact by Copyright. I was universally recognized as the first person to propose this art form».

Dialogue between present and past

«I would like to underline how important it is for me – in all my art works – to study the great Masters of the past.

To better render this concept, I would like to quote the theory of one of the greatest contemporary historians.
Most young people in the turn of the century have grown up in a sort of permanent present. In which any type of organic relationship with are historical past and the time in which they living is completely missing. (…) The work of historians, who’s role is to remember that which others forget, is even more essential now than ever before in the past few centuries.

Eric Hobsbawm – Historian and Writer

Obviously, this applies to any type of history, including the history of Art». Roberto Piaia

Drawing up of the text: Carmen De Guarda’s explanation

Natalia una delle seguaci di Aisha
Natalia – pencil and oil on paper
«I thank Roberto Piaia for getting me involved in this fantastic adventure! Writing the history of the Comic Art gave me the opportunity to express my knowledge and my moral principles through fantasy.

I believe that for us the ancient law of Tao is very truthful: yin and yang. That is, Roberto and I collaborate with our different energies (masculine and feminine), and we managed to harmonically stimulate each other, highlighting our talents.

Allow me to add my personal reflection, with all due respect towards the theory that opposites attract. The truth, according to my point of view, is never absolute.Entering this all-femalestory has convinced me even further that the discrimination against homosexuals and lesbians is absurd. Sensitivity, feelings of love and hate are absolutely indifferent for all human beings! Harmony and the mutual push towards inner growth can be reached easily through the mating of similar energies».

Women Main Characters.

Beyond the imaginary, the main characters are immersed in the emotions and feelings that involve each person’s being without distinction.Told through a mix of erotism and candor, esotericism and transparency, the journey winds through a great many unexpected events. The character aspects – positive or negative as they may be – emerge unexpectedly. Women who are prone to peace – like the Queen Eva – from sensitive and sweet, transforms herself into a panther to defend her Daughters. The arrogance of Aisha, who knows how will it be…! For this reason, watching and reading this comic book is a way to immerge yourself in the beauty of art and fly away with your imagination­». Carmen De Guarda

Obviously this is the first of the Saga.Start the collection of Roberto Piaia’s Comic Art series.

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