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Sculpting marble, shaping clay, painting the canvas with vibrant colors, bringing matter to life embracing it with passion, energy this is my world… Home Roberto Piaia.

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Home | Not only a painter and sculptor

This is my first comic book: Eva the Spiral Woman

Home | Roberto Piaia not only a painter and sculptor but also a cartoonist.

The artist gives way to the imagination by telling a story full of symbolic messages which offer an innovative vision of our millennium.

And it’s from the beautiful and majestic galaxy of the Andromeda constellation. Consisting of hundreds of billions of stars formed from the center with gigantic spiral arms, which kicks off the science fiction Saga of Piaia.

Escape from Andromeda 1st book | Home

And it’s from the beautiful and majestic Galaxy of the Constellation Andromeda that kicks off the science fiction Saga, made of hundreds of billions of stars that starting from the center form giant spiral arms.

Home | Art Studio Roberto Piaia 

Mindelheim – Germany Home

Roberto Piaia lives in Mindelheim 87719, City in LowerallgäuGermany. This place, devoid of any frenzy and full of magical historical testimonies, offers the artist the right environment to express at best his talent. Also, the Master often returns to Pietrasanta (Tuscany – Italy). To form his sculptures in precious Carrara marble and resin, as well as bronze castings in the renowned foundries of the city.

Art Studio Roberto Piaia
Art Studio Roberto Piaia

My works in Italy

Roberto Piaia, the world’s first creator of the form of Spiral Statues, enter the scene in the elegant and highly sought after Il Forte Arte Gallery. In the heart of Forte dei Marmi, Italy.

The Sculpture shines in Versilia | Home

Over, Statue in bronze, steel and silver present in the Galleria il Forte. Was selected by the organizers and exhibited from May 10th to 13th at the occasion of Versilia’s Yachting Rendez-vous 2018, a glamour Nautica event in Viareggio.

Over – Bronze
Over – Bronze


The Reading Lists Interviews Roberto Piaia

It was truly a pleasure to interview Roberto Piaia, one of Italy’s most respected artists. Please enjoy, The Reading Lists of Roberto Piaia…

Roberto Piaia Roberto Piaia while painting
Roberto Piaia while painting