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Web Contemporary Artist Roberto Piaia places himself in the art world through an innovative, modern style, in both sculpture and oil on canvas paintings.

For me, Art is…


Sculpting marble, shaping clay, painting the canvas with vibrant colors, bringing matter to life embracing it with passion, energy this is my world… Roberto Piaia.

Events 2018

  • Marmomac Verona Fair | Italy | September
  • Old Towen Night Mindelheim | Germany | September
  • The Spiral Statues in Forte dei Marmi | Italy | June
  • Versilia’s Yachting Rendez-vous Nautica event in Viareggio | Italy | May
  • Art Capital Grand Palais in Paris | France | February

Spiral Sculptures

Web Contemporary Artist
Roberto Piaia’s Sculpure
Web contemporary Artist: Roberto Piaia uses traditional techniques and materials to create his artworks. The precious marble statue of Carrara, the Bronze with the procedure of lost wax casting and the Resins. Although the structure of the Statues is modern and futuristic, it maintains a true connection and it takes inspiration from the teachings of the Great Masters of the past.

The idea of this particular form of Roberto Piaia’s sculptures – worldwide premier – has been Copyright recognized and protected.

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Oil paintings on canvas in Assurfivo

Carmen’s Roses – oil on canvas
All of Piaia’s paintings are created with a base of pencil sketch and a draft of oil on canvas.

«Roberto Piaia’s strong artistic and pictorial personality shows a who becomes fond of the hypper-realism of the trasparencies of glasses and crystals. Combines the decomposition of the light spectrum with figures of winning sensuality in erotic paginations really rich with symbolic references. Certainly he’s an excellent drawer from life, he certainly loves color, managed in its purity, in its strength of light, that strikes and caresses places and figures…». Giorgio Segato Art critic

Not only painter and sculptor

My first Art Comic: Eva the Spiral Woman



As for many other artists, I also loved drawing comics in my childhood. I must confess that this period has always remained in my heart! From this passion the idea was born to detach myself from the representation of the classic Art Catalog. And represent’s in a comic book.

The Text, which is the result of Carmen De Guarda’s imagination, contributes with a strong Female feeling, my artistic expression.

The first volume of the series “Eva the Spiral Woman” is available in two versions: Printed Book and I-Book. 

  • Printed book: bound by an elegant cardboard hardcover.
    Translated into three languages: English, Italian and German.
    27.5 cm. L.19.5 cm. Number of Page: 56
    To embellish your collection of Comic Art, we make sure that every single copy arrives to you in cellophane package.
    Cost: € 18.00 We’ll give you a discount on the shipping.

 Where to purchase the book

       I-Book: Translated into four languages: English, Italian, German and Russian. Cost € 4.99

 You can download it:

The Reading Lists Interviews Roberto Piaia

It was truly a pleasure to interview Roberto Piaia, one of Italy’s most respected artists. Please enjoy, The Reading Lists of Roberto Piaia…


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